Old New Born FAQ

Q & A:
Is Valerie getting a little sleep?
Yes, with focus on the little.  Actually, we are at  the point where if we can catch them stirring at  night, we can feed 'em and they  go back to sleep.

How about Miles?
Miles is sleeping the way he always did, in class.

What are their names again?
The girl's Hebrew name is Gittel Tovah (both words mean good in Yiddish and Hebrew respectively). Her English name is Jessica Tovah. The boy's Hebrew name is Avraham, English is Abraham Lander.

What do you call them? Rami for the boy and Gittel for the girl.

How did they get those names?
Rami is named for Valerie's mother's father's father Abraham Gotkis.  Lander is a town in   Wyoming where's Miles' father's father ran a dry goods store. He also  ran a store in Kemmerer, WY but was put out of business by his competitor, JC  Penny, plus Lander sounds cooler. Now as a complete coincidence, Lander is  the county seat for Fremont county in Wyoming.  Both Lander and Fremont were named for civil war generals. Fremont  happens to be the middle  name of my sister's second kid Daniel Fremont Tillman (oh yeah, Daniel is  also named for Abraham Gotkis's only son, our grandfather Daniel Gotkis).  Turns out Nora and Seth choose Fremont as a name because he was the first  person to run as a republican in a presidential election (he lost to James Buchanan,  which we actually considered as a name for a while).

Gittel is named for Miles' mother's mother, Gussie Bloomfield of Passaic NJ. Gussie's Hebrew name was Gittel. I thought Jessie/Gussie....close enough. The kids were born on a Tuesday, which if you look in the first portion of the Torah it is the only day of creation that mentions the word "good" twice. So we used the whole double goodness-twins-Tuesday angle.

Did we know we were having twins? Yes

Did we know the sexes? No!

How come we didn’t tell anyone we were having twins? Wasn’t it obvious????  We were also very nervous and just wanted this day to arrive safely, and in good health without too much “pre-fanfare”


We also got some pretty funny emails when the kids were born


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